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Mission Statement

FreeBSD Systems is a Systems Integration and Solutions Company that provides Hardware, Software, and full Support Services for a demanding client base. We are an Authorized Intel Premier Provider and supply our clients with full end-to-end solutions at extremely competitive prices.

Our business concept is as simple as it is powerful. We custom build Servers for our clientele, that are reliable, economical, fast and efficient. Beyond hardware, we provide support for applications such as the Apache Web Server, Qmail, Samba, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Email Systems, DNS, and customized setups of these and many other applications.

Uptime, performance and immediate technical support is so crucial in today's economy. Our On-Site hardware warranty support addresses the need for potential component failure with response up to 24/7, ensuring each clients particular needs.

iNET servers comprise, in part, components made by Intel, LSI Logic, 3Ware, Adaptec, Seagate, Fujitsu and, Western Digital. Our policy of uncompromising quality in component purchases and in the building of Servers, is first and foremost. We take pride in the fact that each and every server sent to our clients has been thoroughly tested with all components and having the OS installed as per the requirements of the client. We guarantee that all our Servers will have a login: prompt the first time you boot!

On the software level, FreeBSD Systems provides real end-to-end solutions for Internet and Intranet employing Open Source Software such as Apache, Qmail, MySQL, PostgreSQL, RADIUS with people that are highly seasoned professionals.

Don't let our name fool you into thinking we don't recognized other Operating Systems. We do install Operating Systems such as RedHat Linux, SuSE Linux, CentOS Linux and Microsoft Windows. What we know to be true is, the ability of both hardware and software to work in unison to provide superior results in client and server applications is paramount.

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