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When it comes to FreeBSD, RedHat Linux, SuSE Linux and other Linux distributions, the iNET1164 Server, utilizing AMD 64-bit Dual-Core Opteron™ processor architecture and HyperTransport technology, provides the essentials for high computational power, optimal memory and I/O bandwidth.

Two hot-pluggable hard drives bay provide for data redundancy with a RAID-1 using an optional RAID Controller.

The iNET1164 provides a dedicated 10/100 Ethernet connection for secure web based, command line or, SNMP management maximizing your Return on Investment.

The Server is well suited in environments such as clusters requiring the need for High Performance Computation.

Sample Configuration

The following sample configuration for the iNET1164 is $ 4,513.00 U.S.D.

  • iNET1164 1U Rackmount Server Chassis with single 485-Watt PFC Power Supply
  • 1 x AMD Opteron 265 Dual-Core Processor
  • 1 x 73GB 10,000 RPM Fujitsu Ultra320 Hot-Pluggable Hard Drive
  • 1GB (2 x 512MB) DDR-2/400Mhz E.C.C. REGISTERED CMTL Certified Memory
  • Dual Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet Controllers
  • Slimline DVD-ROM Drive and 1.44MB Floppy Drive
  • Rackmount Rail Kit

Key Features

  • iNET1164 1U Rackmount Chassis: Height 1.75" - Width 19.0" - Depth 28.0"
  • AMD-8100 Chipset
    • AMD-8131™ HyperTransport™ PCI-X Tunnel
    • AMD-8111™ HyperTransport™ I/O Hub
    • Winbond™ W83627HF Super I/O ASIC
  • AMIBIOS8® on 4Mbit LPC Flash ROM
  • SSI EPS 12V, 500-Watt output Power Supply
  • Dual Broadcom BCM5704C Gigabit (10/100/1000) Ethernet controllers
  • ATI Rage™ XL 8MB PCI graphics controller
  • Up to 16GB DDR/400MHz E.C.C. REGISTERED CMTL Certified Memory (8GB/Processor)
  • Premium 1U Chassis and Server Board with support for DDR/400Mhz E.C.C. Registered CMTL Certified Memory
  • Supports one or two AMD Opteron Processors with single or dual core
  • Support for up to two Hot-Swap Ultra320 SCSI Hard Drives providing up to 600GB of internal storage.
  • 24" Mounting rails and brackets
  • Front and Rear Panel USB (1.1 Compliant)
  • Front Serial Port
  • PXE and Console redirection provide headless support
  • ATI Rage XL Graphics graphics card.
  • Integrated service processor with dedicated 10/100 Ethernet for secure web-based, command-line (SSH), or SNMP server management
  • Two Rear Panel USB ports
  • Embedded LSI SCSI Controller
  • Slimline CD-ROM Drive and 1.44MB Floppy Drive
  • Fully customizable On-Site Hardware Warranty support **
  • 3 Year Limited Warranty
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