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 Net@dmin Services 
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Data-Center ready
greatly reduces the time, energy, and cost in deploying your Server in remote data-centers and co-location facilities. As part of a solution, FreeBSD Systems will send an iNET Server to a your chosen location with the operating system and network already configured. Using IPMI tools, we provide, you can then turn on the Server at the CO-Location or Data-Center facility via Ethernet, power on and then login via ssh to begin their own application customization and configuration.

Application Installation and Deployment

We can provide limited or full support for any type of Application that is going to be run on an iNET Server that is using FreeBSD as the Operating System

The following list is a short summary of various services we can provide:

  • Web Based Business Applications such as Web Based Database Frontends; Accounting, Inventory, Ticketing, Time tracking, Content management
  • eBusiness, Payment Gateway
  • FreeBSD Administration (net@dmin)
  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance of FreeBSD Servers
  • Installation and Configuration of third party Software Packages
  • FreeBSD Release Engineering
  • Custom FreeBSD Releases
  • Maintenance of eol-ed releases, backporting of new features
  • FreeBSD Kernel Development
  • Device Drivers
  • Porting to New Architectures
  • New features, Custom Development
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