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iNET7440 Enterprise Quad Xeon 7U Rackmount Server

Sample Configuration

Purchase the iNET7440 with the following hardware configuration for $7,656.00 U.S.D.

  • iNET7440 Server Chassis available in either 7U Rackmount or Pedestal Form Factor with Hot-Swap Redundant 2+1 PFC Power Supplies
  • 1 x Intel Xeon MP processor @ 2.0GHz, 1MB Advanced Transfer Cache 400Mhz FSB
  • 1 x 36GB 10,000 RPM Ultra320 Hot-Swap Hard Drive
  • 1024MB (4 x 256MB) DDR/266 PC2100 E.C.C. REGISTERED Memory
  • Intel Pro/100+ Ethernet Controller
  • Intel Pro/1000XT Gigabit Ethernet Controller
  • ATA CDROM Drive
  • 1.44 Floppy Drive
  • 3 Year On-Site, Next Business Day, Hardware Warranty Support (Parts and Labour)
  • Customized installation of FreeBSD 4.10-STABLE or 5.3-STABLE

click for custom configuration

The iNET7440 is an Enterprise Class Rackmount Server which, can be customized as either a 7U Rackmount or Pedestal Form Factor. This Server provides outstanding performance as a back end solution for demanding applications such as Oracle. The Server supports Quad Intel Xeon MP Processors with speeds of up to 3.0Ghz and 4MB of Advanced Transfer L3 Cache with support for Hyper-Threading Technology.

The Chassis and Server Board sport features such as, Hot-Swap Fans, SCSI Drives, Hot-Plug PCI Slots and Hot-Plug Redundant Power Supplies.

The Intel server board features Five Peer PCI buses, providing 3GB/sec of I/O throughput and, DDR/266 PC2100 Memory. Availability abounds with 8 PCI Expansion Slots. Internal storage can be as high as 1.46 TB

The iNET7440 is IPMI Compliant providing remote Server hardware health monitoring; prevent needless downtime.

Key Features

  • Single, Dual or Quad Intel Xeon MP Processors up to 3.00GHz with support for up to 4MB of Advanced Transfer Cache
  • Dual channel Adaptec 7902 Ultra320 SCSI controller
  • One Intel Pro/100+ and one Intel Pro/1000XT Ethernet controllers
  • ServerWorks Grand Champion HE Chipset providing an integrated I/O bridge and memory controller, and a flexible I/O subsystem core (PCI) optimized for multiprocessor systems and standard high-volume (SHV) servers.
  • Five Peer PCI buses provide 3GB/Sec of I/O Bandwidth
  • Bios and Serial console redirection
  • IPMI Compliant offering full remote management over Ethernet
  • 8 PCI Expansion Slots (4 x 64Bit/100Mhz PCI-X Hot-Plug, 2 x 64Bit/100Mhz PCI-X and, 2 x 32Bit/33Mhz)
  • Expandable to 24GB E.C.C. REGISTERED DDR/266 PC2100 of Memory. Dual (two-way) interleaved memory provides a High-performance memory subsystem with up to 3.2 GB/sec of data transfer
  • Up to 10 Hot-Swap Ultra320 SCSI drive bays provide up to 3.0TB of internal storage
  • Integrated ATI Rage XL PCI graphics controller with 4 MB of memory
  • 3 USB Ports 1.0-compliant (2 rear panel and 1 front panel)
  • 8-MB Flash EEPROM with Phoenix BIOS, Multi-boot BBS (BIOS Boot Specification) 1.4-compliant
  • PXE headless support
  • 5+1 Redundant Fan configuration provides superb cooling for Data Center Environments
  • Hot-Swap Redundant 2+1 430-Watt PFC Power Supplies
  • CDROM Drive
  • 1.44 Floppy Drive
  • Technical Support
  • 3 Year On-Site, 24x7, 4HR Hardware Warranty Support (Parts and Labour)
  • 3 Year limited Warranty

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