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iNET 1164 1U Dual Opteron

Dual-Core AMD Opteron


« Intel Xeon Based iNET Servers »

p4 xeoniNET Intel Xeon Based Servers
Outstanding performance and stability are crucial in high-volume data centers and in High Performance Computing clusters and is the premise on which we build Intel™ based iNET SCSI and SATA Rackmount and Pedestal Servers.

« AMD Opteron iNET Servers »

Dual-Core AMD Opteron™ Servers are now shipping. The iNET brand of AMD Opteron Based Servers screams with processing power in both a 1U Dual Processor Server and a 3U Quad AMD Opteron Server.

« NEBS-3 Compliant iNET Servers »

p4 xeoniNET NEBS Level-3 Certified Carrier and Military Rackmount Servers
Demanding environments and limited space of Telco Central Offices, require highly available Rack Servers for their data centers. FreeBSD Systems provides two iNET solutions for this rugged environment with NEBS-3 and ETSI Certified Carrier Grade 1U and 2U Rack Server Systems.

« iSTOR RAID Storage Solutions »

iSTOR Rackmount RAID Solutions
IT professionals know the well-being of their data can be dependant upon the quality of the RAID subsystem. Our philosophy takes this to heart when building iSTOR RAID Systems.

iLAP Notebooks. Built to last with Intel Mobile Processors and built to run with FreeBSD, Linux or Windows.


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